A fall/winter view

I just love how beautiful the leaves look as they change color in autumn, so I quick snapped this photo on Friday of the two trees in my front yard. Normally by this time of year all the leaves would be gone, but due to an unseasonably warm fall they have stuck around just a tad bit longer.

Here’s the same view today, after a light snow.

Snow falling on top of leaves – now that’s not something you see every day. Isn’t it just beautiful?

Oh, and what fun it is to be able to post from my living room, using my new Dell Inspiron laptop!



Whew, October is over and it sure was a busy month! We had a really fun Halloween (oh, and thanks for all the nice comments about the face painting on my daughter Leah. No, I didn’t actually paint it. She had it done by a professional face painter at a party). We also celebrated Maya’s first birthday with our own neighborhood pumpkin painting party and I finally finished this book(boy, was it a hefty one).

Some time was spent at the local cider mill and we even attempted a corn maze. All in all, a lot of our October was spent outdoors and it was a great way for us to have some quality family time together. 

In the evenings (and if Maya takes a long afternoon nap) I have been working a lot on some new digital scrapbook pages. I am really enjoying scrapbooking digitally (love the fact that you can re-use digital paper and elements and that there is no mess involved)! I did this quick page just last night. You can see all of us out trick-or-treating with my girlfriend Debbie and her daughter.

I even subscribed recently to a national digital scrapbooking magazine and on a whim entered two layouts for possible publication. Imagine my surprise to find out via e-mail yesterday that one of my layouts has been chosen for publication in the magazine this spring! I can’t give out any more details right now, but I will definitely let you know how to find my layout once it is printed.

How was your October?

WW – Happy Halloween!

Wordless Wednesday

Busy October

OK, there is hardly anything crafty going on in my house lately. The sweater for Leah is only partially knitted (back complete, now starting the front) and I have been way busy working on my newest hobby, digital scrapbooking. Add that to my current 600 + page read (a perfect book for the creepy month of October), one busy kindergartener  and my not-so-clean house and I am one crazed woman!

My mother, on the other hand, is happily crafting away. Her latest sewing project was a knitting needle roll just for me. Isn’t the fabric just beautiful! 

As for actually getting some knitting done within the next few weeks, I am not too sure that will be happening. October is one busy month around here, with Maya’s first birthday party to plan, getting ready for Halloween and spending the weekend with some friends at this fun indoor place.

I will be taking a bit of a craft blog break to get my mojo going again (don’tcha just love a word like mojo)  and will be back in a couple weeks.

Until then, happy crafting!

Going digital (some more)

Using the freebie digital kit found at scrapartist.com, I created this page in under an hour.

Since I am so far behind on my current chronological scrapbook, and already have the pictures printed out and a decent amount of scrapbooking supplies, I will continue to do traditional scrapbooking until I catch up to June 2007. In the meantime, I will probably be going all digital, starting with my adoption album and our trip to China this past July. In fact, last night I bought two digital scrapbooking kits from theshabbyshoppe.com.

I’ll probably use the more colorful one for everyday, whimsical pages.

[ Smarshmallows ] 

This one below I will be using for my China album.

[ Organic ] 

The great thing is that once you purchase a kit, or even just a piece of paper, they can all be re-used and you don’t have to stick with what was in the kit – mix and match what you like! Oh, and I brought my first digital page to Staples and they printed it out for me on photo paper for around $2. It came out beautifully!

Going digital

I love to scrapbook, but always seem so far behind and never able to catch up. Having two kids, the youngest who like to grab and try to eat every little thing laying around the house, doesn’t make it any easier. While meeting my mother at a bookstore this weekend, I picked up a digital scrapbooking magazine. After jotting down some suggested websites, I sat down this evening determined to make my first digital scrapbook page. 

I already have Photoshop CS on my computer, needing it for my graphic design classes, and found this very informative tutorial at The Shabby Shoppe website. After downloading the free Festival papers and embelishments from Shabby Princess, I got started. I am really pleased with the way this turned out and it was nice not to get my hands (or the top of my dining room table) dirty. I hope to actually print this out within the next few days and can’t wait to see what the quality is like. Who knows, maybe I’ll be staying up late over the next few weeks scrapbooking, rather than my typical blogging. 🙂

For more tutorials, check out Two Peas.

Wordless Wednesday