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I know, I’ve fallen off the old craft wagon, and can’t seem to climb back on. After quite some time away from this blog, I think it’s time to put the old girl to sleep. Thanks for stopping by and leaving comments. They have always brightened my day.

Before I go, I’ll leave you with one more “crafty” thing…

I was so excited the other day when I found out that the new issue of a national digital scrapbooking magazine was out and was even more excited when I actually got to see my digital layout in the magazine!

I just started digitally scrapbooking in September, after over five years of paper scrapping. In November, there was a call to create a layout of an important object in my life and so I threw together a page all about my kitchenaid mixer (gotta love a kitchenaid)!


I right away showed my daughter Leah the page and she yelled “we’ve got to show someone” right in the middle of the bookstore. So cute!

Happy crafting everyone! Over and out!


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If it ain’t broken…

I should listen to that advice more often. Due to my fairly short attention span and the fact that WordPress just doesn’t want to cooperate, I can’t seem to get one of my pictures as a header. For the time being, please ignore the current header image. Hopefully I will be able to sort this out quickly. Does this type of thing happen to you typepad users?

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