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When the first sign of spring hits the north east Joe and I like to get outside to do a little clean up. This past weekend we tackled our first ever landscaping project. With Leah’s help, we transformed a dull grassy area into a pretty little garden. Filled with Winter Boxwood Gems, May Night Sage, a Crimson Pygmy Barberry bush, lights and a birdbath, we now have a nice manicured area right next to our front door. Not bad for a couple amateurs! 





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A place for our shoes

I am really thrilled that another one of my husband’s home improvement projects is finished. What was once our laundry room has been transformed into a very functional mudroom. With hooks for our coats, baskets to hold various things (hats, gloves, recyclables) and a place to take off shoes, he has created the perfect space right next to our back door.  You can even just see (in the first picture) the wooden MUDROOM letters hung up above the coat hooks. Leah even thinks it’s a cool place to hang out (although that doesn’t look very comfortable to me).




So, what’s next on his ever growing “honey do” list? I’ll give you a hint – see those pretty toy storage units in the picture that my husband is holding? Yep, we are both too frugal to buy them from the source, so as Joe always enthusiastically says, “I can build that!”  And believe me, he can!

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My husband is the ultimate handyman. His current project is to transform our old laundry room into a proper mudroom. After tiling and painting he got to work building a custom bench and putting up hooks to hang our coats. It isn’t quite done yet, but thought I would post a picture of my contribution to our mudroom makeover. Actually, I should really say OUR contribution, since my daughter helped paint these letters. I hope that my husband will be ready to hang them very soon. I will post pictures of the finished room in the near future.

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