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OK, there is hardly anything crafty going on in my house lately. The sweater for Leah is only partially knitted (back complete, now starting the front) and I have been way busy working on my newest hobby, digital scrapbooking. Add that to my current 600 + page read (a perfect book for the creepy month of October), one busy kindergartener  and my not-so-clean house and I am one crazed woman!

My mother, on the other hand, is happily crafting away. Her latest sewing project was a knitting needle roll just for me. Isn’t the fabric just beautiful! 

As for actually getting some knitting done within the next few weeks, I am not too sure that will be happening. October is one busy month around here, with Maya’s first birthday party to plan, getting ready for Halloween and spending the weekend with some friends at this fun indoor place.

I will be taking a bit of a craft blog break to get my mojo going again (don’tcha just love a word like mojo)  and will be back in a couple weeks.

Until then, happy crafting!


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slow going

knitpink 001OK, so I might currently be considered the slowest knitter in the world. It’s not that I don’t want to knit. Each time I have a free moment and I am not reading the next pick for my book club, I grab the needles. But with two little rugrats kids running underfoot, free time is increasingly spare. Luckily with Leah now in half day kindergarten, there is a little break mid-afternoon while Maya naps.

The weather here in the northeastern part of the US has been cool the past couple days and I keep eyeballing the beautiful plump, juicy apples we bought at the farmers market today. Seems like I might need to get out the old rolling pin for some baking fun this coming weekend!

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In the mood

The weather here has been unseasonably cold the last few days, which puts me in the mood for all things autumn (like carving pumpkins, reading spooky stories and knitting). It’s a bit too early for pumpkins, but that doesn’t mean I can’t start knitting again. I’ve hardly touched a pair of knitting needles in a couple of months, so was excited when I took a peek at this simple pattern.

Cotton-Ease (new)I picked up three skeins of the Lion Brand Cotton Ease yarn in a pretty berry color. This little V-neck sweater will be for my oldest daughter, Leah. I figured I owed her one since I made a sweater for her little sister a while back.

Are you guys contemplating any autumn knitting or crafting projects?

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I took advantage at our Freedom Festival parade this past Saturday to work on a little knitting project. I can’t actually tell you what the project is, since I will be mailing it out very soon to someone who reads this blog. Anyway, the weather was perfect (see all that blue sky) and the township parade turned out to be really fun. The 4th of July also holds another special meaning for me. On Wednesday it will be my 9th wedding anniversary! Hope you all have a happy and safe holiday!


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Orange, Pink & Blue?

It has been a bit slow on the crafting front around here lately. Between getting ready and then going on vacation (which was NICE, by the way) and picking up a few books for a reading challenge I am participating in, I haven’t have much time to pick up the knitting needles. That is until now.

I bought all this brightly colored yarn over a month ago. They  look good enough to eat, don’t you think? Supposedly, while knitting these colors together in a striping pattern is should turn into a really pretty baby blanket. I am a bit intimidated by putting the colors mango and bubble gum pink together, but I figured I would give it a try. I will post more as I go along.

Also, a fellow blogger (who happens to be my sister) has hinted in her not so sublte way how much she wants a felted purse. Guess I’ll have to give that one a shot soon too!

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A month ago I wrote this post about knitting something for my upcoming vacation. A few people commented that they don’t like the idea of knitting at the beach and I have to agree. What I meant was that I wanted to make something BEFORE heading to the Caribbean on vacation. I plan on filling my days on vacation not with needles and yarn, but with swimming, digging in the sand with my daughter, and reading a few books on my “to be read” list.

Anyway, I started with some of this Noro Kureyon wool:

I then knitted it up into a cute bag, using the Booga bag pattern:

And after washing it in hot water, I ended up with this small felted bag:

I just love how the wool striped so beautifully and have already used it to tote my current read to Leah’s dance class!

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A year ago…

A year ago today I posted about the baby sweater on my other blog. At that time, I was more naive to the time-line of my adoption, thinking that it wasn’t going to take quite this long. I became discouraged shortly thereafter and decided to put the half-made sweater away. This past January, I called my adoption agency to see if my family may be expedited (due to my husband’s Chinese heritage). They mentioned, although this is not a guarantee, that there is a good chance that we might be going sooner than later. I decided then to finish the sweater I had started.

One year later and it is finally finished! Made with Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran, the sweater is made to fit 12-24 months (which means it may be a bit too large for the baby once we get her, but we can save it for when she is older).


I am really pleased with the way it turned out and am happy to have finished my first ever sweater!

I just want to mention, we have a poll up at my book blog for our next book club pick. If you are a reader and would like to join us, just send me e-mail at forksblog@optonline.net and then stop by to vote!

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