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Scratch Art

I saw this really cool kid’s craft at Kiddley recently with a link for a tutorial on how to make your own scratch art.



The tutorial, provided by Skip to My Lou, was very thorough. I did have a problem though with the paint /dishwashing detergent mixture we used to paint on top. First it went on too thinly (we were still able to see all the crayon colors through it). I then did a second coat which covered it better but ended up being a bit too hard to scratch. In the end, I would probably need to paint a test sheet, just so I wouldn’t run into the same issues.

Over all, it was fun to work on something new with my daughter (and isn’t that what crafting with your children is all about)?


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Fun with paper

Yesterday, our foreign exchange student made one of these for Leah.

Cute, isn’t he. She then told me about a website called The Origami Club. Try your hand at making bugs, maple leaves, even a koala. With detailed instructions (either a printable diagram or an animated demonstration) this might be a fun rainy day activity for your family.

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I can’t pass up a great craft idea. After reading this tutorial last night we all sat down and made a gumdrop wreath.


It was an easy project to do and kept my 4 1/2 year old daughter and 18 year old exchange student busy for quite a while.  It really brightens up my kitchen window on such a dreary day and made me smile each time I looked at it today. It also makes washing the dishes a whole lot cheerier! 

Merry Christmas everyone! From our family (including the cat Howard) to yours!

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Even while Leah is fighting an ear infection and pink eye, we did have a bit of craft time today. She actually taught me how to make these. Apparently she picked up this particular craft skill in preschool.

First, gather up a bunch of red, green and white beads (the funky shape of these beads works well for this project).

Next, take a pipecleaner and cut it in half. Fold over one end slightly so the beads won’t fall off. Then follow this pattern. To make a wreath ornament, put on five green beads, then two red beads. Repeat until your pipecleaner is full, shape into a circle and attach yarn to hang on your tree.

To make the candy cane, just alternate between two red beads and two white beads.



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Paper dolls

One of my favorite things about being a mom is that I am able to share my love of crafting with my daughter. For this reason, I have been a fan of Kiddley for some time now. Filled with tons of ideas on how to spend quality creative time with your children, Kiddley is indispensable. After seeing this post over at their blog, Leah and I got to work making our own paper dolls. It turned out to be a fun afternoon project for just the two of us.


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Fun with leaves

On a recent trip to a local state park, my mother and my daughter collected leaves. Over the weekend, Leah and I made a few leaf rubbings. Simply place the leaves under a piece of paper and rub on top with different color crayons. Turns out to be an easy and inexpensive craft project.

For more really great craft ideas for kids, check out this free weekly e-newsletter at Kids Craft Weekly.

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