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The other day Leah came home from preschool all excited. She had read the children’s book Philippe in Monet’s Garden at school. I haven’t read the book myself, but apparently it is the story of a frog who makes a home for himself in Claude Monet’s Giverny garden.

I love Monet and enjoy his work and so I was thrilled that Leah had so much enthusiasm about the artist. We had seen a few paintings by Monet at the Philadelphia Museum of Art when we visited last summer. 

Of course, art that you love doesn’t have to be painted by some famous artist. A few years ago Leah and I worked on our own masterpiece – her hand prints.  Painted on with various colors of finger paints, Leah’s hand prints are now displayed prominently in her bedroom. It is a reminder that we can all create a little art, even if it never hangs in a museum.     


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Yarn, that is. I had purchased the apple green Cascade 220 wool a few months back, in hopes to use it to make the felted bags I am so fond of making. I then found the deep purple yarn, also Cascade 220, the other day. Really, you only need one skein (or is it a hank?) to make the Sophie bag, which means I could either make one green bag and one purple bag, or combine the two colors to make two really funky bags. Or, I could branch out. So, my question to all of you knitters out there, do you know of any other really fun felted projects I could use these for? You wouldn’t have to pull my leg to get me to go back to the yarn shop if I need more than just the two. Leave me a comment with your thoughts!

In the meantime, the yarn sits really pretty upon this end table in my living room. This was one of two end tables I received from my grandmother when she was moving out of her home. Originally a really dark wood, I sanded it, then painted it white to give it a fresh look.

On it sits a few books I am either A) currently reading or B) want to read in the near future or C) have already read and lent out to my girlfriend, but didn’t feel like re-taking the photo. The books I am half way through are as follows – Little Women by Louisa May Alcott, The Inheritance of Loss by Kiran Desai, Knitting Rulesby Stephanie Pearl-McPhee and Seizures and Epilepsy in Childhood – Third Edition. My to be read is The Myth of You and Meby Leah Stewart. It was highly recommended by my girlfriend Chau, who has a knack for finding good books. Twilight, a young adult novel by Stephenie Meyer, is currently on Chau’s nightstand. You can read my review of Twilight here. It was GOOD!

Speaking of books, we are now taking votes for our February book at my on-line book club, The Written Word. Feel free to stop on by and join us!

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I took this picture last April, intending it to be a part of my “Corners” series at my previous blog. Well, time went on and there it sat, until I came upon it a couple days ago while cleaning up my digital camera files. Originally owned by my grandmother Mi Mi, the buffet along with the dining room set, was given to me by my parents. The dining table and chairs are in disrepair, but this buffet is still solid. It is one of my favorite piece of furniture in my house.

The top, made of a solid piece of marble, is cool and smooth to the touch. There is a scratch in the upper right hand corner of the buffet, but I think it only adds character. I wonder sometimes where Mi Mi purchased it and if she too enjoyed it’s beauty.

On another note, it is sunny and around 70 degrees here
in New Jersey. With the average January high being 38 °F (3.3 °C), it is a treat for the kids. For me though, I am tired of the warm temps and green lawn. I want to see snow. There is just nothing like newly fallen snow. So peaceful and serene. Like last February, when we had two feet dumped on us. Leah really enjoyed some snow time that day. Now that’s winter! 

Leah, February 2006 



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or an old creaking rocking chair, an overstuffed side chair, your dining room chair or even a bean bag. These can be all places to knit. For me though, one of my most favorite spots in my home is here, in the little corner of my comfy couch in the living room. With the bright lamp, basket of yarn and beautiful handmade quilt (thanks Mom) thrown over the back, this is a perfect place to put up my feet and indulge in a little “me” time. It also is an ideal spot to read (one of my other favorite things to do). So how about you guys? Where do you like to knit, read or get crafty?

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