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My husband Joe is an extremely talented man. But, there are a few things I won’t ever let my¬†him do:

  • The laundry – I am obsessed with my newish laundry machine and won’t let anybody touch it. I am also afraid my husband might pull a Soulepapa one of these days ūüôā !
  • Buy a house without me ever seeing it. If we ever have to relocate and only one of us could go house hunting, it would definitely be me.
  • Pick out a¬†Christmas tree.

That last one is very important. During my hunt for the perfect Christmas tree, I look for perfection. My husband, on the other hand, looks for the cheapest of the bunch. On Tuesday night, which was unseasonably warm, we went to our local fire house to find a tree. I found one that looked pretty good until my husband shook it slightly and it started to drop BROWN needles. You know what my husband said? Oh, they all drop needles. So, left up to his own devices he would have come home with a half dead tree!

We then ventured off the another place where we did find a really beautiful tree. Sounds like a happy ending, right? That is until my dear Joe trimmed¬†the bottom of it to fit in the stand. Once he cut one of the lower branches I heard the dreaded “oh no” mumble coming from outside. That lower branch was actually quite large and once removed left a HUGE gaping hole in the lower half of the tree.

So what did my handy husband do? He took the branch and¬†screwed into the base of the tree. With it back on, the tree looks pretty normal! Now let’s keep our fingers crossed that the lower part of my tree doesn’t die off before the rest of it.

 Speaking of the holidays, one of my favorite things is to unpack all the decorations from their boxes. I just love looking through the ornaments, many of which hold very special memories for me. The tree skirt you see above was made by my mother in 1999, a year after I was married. When I was growing up we would always just wrap a simple white sheet around the base of the tree, but I had always wanted a tree skirt and was thrilled when my mother made one just for me.

Oh, and as far as the ornaments go, I still have one favorite (here you go Lisa).

Ain’t it purty. I bet I am the only kid on the block with an Alice Cooper ornament on the tree. Given to me many¬†years ago by my best friend¬†from high school, it always gives me a chuckle! We love you Alice!







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Pretty in Pink


I wish that I could take credit for this beautiful quilt that’s sitting on my daughter’s bed, but I cannot. My mother is an extremely talented quilter and just finished this twin size quilt for Leah. Pink (with a purple backing) goes perfect with her room, don’t you think?


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