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I Made This Too

Have you guys checked out this nice lady yet? Not only is she crafty, but she has started her own web ring for all of us who like to dabble in lots of different crafts – cooking, scrapbooking, knitting, crocheting, quilting, photography and any other crafty pursuits you can think of! Click on my sidebar button “I Made This Too” to join the fun!

She was also nice enough to not only tell me how to put buttons on my wordpress sidebar, but even take a photograph from my site and make a Me So Crafty button – isn’t it cute! Thanks so much Trish.


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Eat Cake

cake & books 003A few years ago, I attended culinary school in New York City. It was a weekend program, so in addition of my full time job as assistant to the president of a relocation company, I spend about eighteen hours each weekend at the school. The program ran from April through January and in the end I could officially call myself a pastry chef.

Shortly thereafter I did a short stint as an intern at a prestigious local restaurant and realized fairly quickly that this was not the right career path for me. I’ll be the first to admit that at the age of 33, I still do not know what I want to be when I grow up (which explains the fact why I am now pursuing a degree in graphic design).  

Anyway, even though this wasn’t ultimately my chosen career path, I still love to bake and do so whenever I have to opportunity to. This past weekend, we hosted a pot luck St. Patrick’s Day party for our neighbors and I baked up this Orange Chocolate Chunk Cake from Ina Garten’s Barefoot Contessa Parties cookbook.

Even though it is fun to play with sugar, flour and eggs, my favorite part is when someone I care about takes a bite and says back to me “this is so good.” That is why I love to bake.

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howard & leah 011

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A month ago I wrote this post about knitting something for my upcoming vacation. A few people commented that they don’t like the idea of knitting at the beach and I have to agree. What I meant was that I wanted to make something BEFORE heading to the Caribbean on vacation. I plan on filling my days on vacation not with needles and yarn, but with swimming, digging in the sand with my daughter, and reading a few books on my “to be read” list.

Anyway, I started with some of this Noro Kureyon wool:

I then knitted it up into a cute bag, using the Booga bag pattern:

And after washing it in hot water, I ended up with this small felted bag:

I just love how the wool striped so beautifully and have already used it to tote my current read to Leah’s dance class!

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Tea Party

I’ve always imagined that I would be the type of mother who drops everything just to play with my children. Non-stop coloring, painting, swinging, reading and nurturing was what I thought I was supposed to be doing. Then, of course, two things happened. First, real life steps in and there isn’t much time just to run around and play all day. The other thing is the fact that as an adult, all that coloring, swinging and playing pretend can get a bit boring after a while.

It seems like as of late I have been saying a lot of “no, we can’t do that” or “sorry, there isn’t any time.” So when Leah came to me the other day and asked me if she could have a tea party, I jumped at the chance to do something so innocent and girly with my daughter.

Yesterday Leah delivered a hand made invitation (in the shape of a tea pot) to her friend Amanda who lives next door. Then we got busy baking cupcakes and sugar cookies. While she was at preschool this morning I made ham and cheese tea sandwiches and peanut butter on crackers.

We then got dressed up in our prettiest dresses (me included) and enjoyed a tea party for the girls. I called the girls madam a lot , Leah stuck out her pinking while drinking her tea and we all enjoyed being together. What a wonderful way to spend an afternoon.

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Wordless Wednesday

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A year ago…

A year ago today I posted about the baby sweater on my other blog. At that time, I was more naive to the time-line of my adoption, thinking that it wasn’t going to take quite this long. I became discouraged shortly thereafter and decided to put the half-made sweater away. This past January, I called my adoption agency to see if my family may be expedited (due to my husband’s Chinese heritage). They mentioned, although this is not a guarantee, that there is a good chance that we might be going sooner than later. I decided then to finish the sweater I had started.

One year later and it is finally finished! Made with Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran, the sweater is made to fit 12-24 months (which means it may be a bit too large for the baby once we get her, but we can save it for when she is older).


I am really pleased with the way it turned out and am happy to have finished my first ever sweater!

I just want to mention, we have a poll up at my book blog for our next book club pick. If you are a reader and would like to join us, just send me e-mail at forksblog@optonline.net and then stop by to vote!

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