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Fun with leaves

On a recent trip to a local state park, my mother and my daughter collected leaves. Over the weekend, Leah and I made a few leaf rubbings. Simply place the leaves under a piece of paper and rub on top with different color crayons. Turns out to be an easy and inexpensive craft project.

For more really great craft ideas for kids, check out this free weekly e-newsletter at Kids Craft Weekly.


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The red scarf project

Yesterday I started this hat for the really sweet Japanese exchange student currently living with us. Done in a simple stockinette stitch, I knitted the brim of the hat a fun red color, which really stands out as it rolls up the sides.

As I was thinking about what to do with all the extra red yarn I have left, I remembered reading a post on one of my favorite blogs about the Orphan Foundation of America’s Red Scarf Project. Each January the organization collects handmade scarves to deliver in a Valentine Care Package to college-bound foster youth.

Don’t you just love this idea? Guess I know what I’ll be doing will all that red yarn after all.

For more information and scarf guidelines, just click here.

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Beyond the scarf

As any new knitter will tell you, a scarf is a great first project to work on your knitting techniques. There isn’t any increasing or decreasing to worry about and you don’t even need a pattern. So, for the first few years I made many of them. Once in a while I will still make one, but for the most part I have become a bit bored. Now I am on a hat kick. Here is the hat I finished for Leah just this morning. Made with Lily brand Sugar ‘n Cream yarn and using a hat pattern from The Yarn Girls’ Guide to Simple Knits (small size) this hat knitted up in no time.  

picture-013.jpg hat-017.jpg

Next on my to do list – one more hat for our exchange student and continue secret project on circular needles (nope, it’s not a hat)! Pictures to follow.

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Pretty in Pink


I wish that I could take credit for this beautiful quilt that’s sitting on my daughter’s bed, but I cannot. My mother is an extremely talented quilter and just finished this twin size quilt for Leah. Pink (with a purple backing) goes perfect with her room, don’t you think?


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Halloween Pumpkin Cake

 I just made this semi-homemade cake for my neighbors Halloween party. Even though it looks like you slaved over a hot stove all day, it really took very little time and effort to make. You can find the recipe from KraftFoods.com  here.


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Knitting Rules

picture-309.jpgWhat’s better than spending your free time knitting and reading (my two favorite hobbies)? Well, for me it would be reading ABOUT knitting. That’s why I recently picked up the oh-so-funny book Knitting Rules by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee (of Yarn Harlot fame).  Chock full of practical information and lots of humor, this would make a perfect gift for the knitter in your life.  

Speaking of knitting, here is my current project. Sometime soon it will be a cute little hat for my daughter. Right now though my cat Howard is  more interested in it (hmmm, must be all the little balls of yarn laying around).

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Pointy Kitty







Who doesn’t love Pointy Kitty? With a lot of help from my mom, we were able to sew this together in no time. I got the pattern (for free) off of Wee Wonderfuls. Now my daughter Leah wants one, so I better get cracking!


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